This Is What Child Actor From Gadar Is Doing These Days.

While there have been numerous blockbusters that have marked their releases from the past, the year 2001 has its own set of charm. With having various back-to-back hit blockbuster movies that marked their releases in this year, this fence certainly became the evergreen movies that no matter how many times you have watched still manage to create a similar state of excitement whenever we come across them again.

And amongst those various cult classic Bollywood blockbusters the film Gadar Ek Prem Katha remains one of a kind. Starring Amisha Patel, Sunny Deol, and Amrish Puri in the lead roles, this Bollywood film managed to deeply touch the hearts of audiences. 

The power-packed performance of the actor Sunny Deol in this film became one of the primary reasons behind the actor being known for his immense strength. Especially the scene where he uprooted the hand pump and gave Goosebumps to the entire nation along with the audiences watching the film. Healing as one of the most astounding scenes from the film, this film managed to make a business of 134.3 crores at the box office.

With the latter playing the role of a Sikh, Tara Singh, the actress Amisha Patel played the role of Sakina in the film. Will be truly known about the brilliant plot songs and dialogues of this film. The exceptional performance of the actor Sunny Deol was truly beyond words. Set during the time of partition of India this film was loosely based on the life of Boota Singh.

This film not only became a delight for the audiences but it also for the box office and the lead actors who got the best actor and actress award respectively for their offbeat performance in the film. Revolving around the story during the partition of India where a truck driver named Tara Singh happened to fall in love with a Muslim girl named sakina.

Besides the major elements of the film, have you ever wondered what made this film even more special? Well here’s the various other sidekicks that also hold an immense contribution towards the success of this film amongst which, the child actor Utkarsh Sharma and the sidekick Vivek Shauq also played a major role.

Getting into details about Utkarsh Sharma in particular, this actor played the role of Charanjit/ Jeete Singh who was shown as the child of Amisha and Sunny Deol in the film. While we still drool over the Cute looks of this actor as a child in the film you would be highly surprised to see that Charanjeet has now grown into a handsome hunk.

It has been 20 years since the release of the film, and surprisingly the actor was just 7 years old when the film was made. Aged 27 years now the actor Utkarsh Sharma is shockingly the son of director Anil Sharma who made his debut as an adult lead actor with the film genius.

Released in 2018, the film genius was well appreciated by the audiences for the various music tracks and the somber role of the actor who brilliantly aced the lead role and was a real eye-opener for the audiences. 

The brilliance of this actor in the film turned out to be a major shocker for the audiences who got mesmerized again with his performance in this 2018 released film. And now to our utter surprise, the actor will soon make a comeback in the sequel of the film in the same character which is still in the pre-production process.

Let’s hope that the film turns out to be well and be a blast at the box office. Are you also eager for the release? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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