Movies Rejected By Actor Ajay Devgn.

Imagine the face and impact of a film if some other actor or actress would have been in the boots of some classic characters. Have you ever imagined how the film would have been if the actors who were initially approached for the roles would have agreed to play the parts? Well, today with this post we have recollected a list of films that the Bollywood ace actor Ajay Devgn rejected to be a part of. Bolo Zubaan Kesari, and let’s have a look:

Kuch Kuch hota Hai as Rahul

This film has been named amongst the cult classics of Bollywood and never fails to impress the audiences no matter how many times we have watched the film. With a set of evergreen elements including its brilliant songs and characters the film became a huge success at the box while each one of us fell in love with the classic Jodi of Kajol and SRK, the things could have been vastly changed if the actor Ajay Devgn would have agreed to play the part of Rahul in the film.

Initially approached to play this classic character, the actor Ajay Devgn turned down the role due to some unknown reasons. Imagine if the latter would have agreed to play the part then the magic of this real-life Jodi would have been a delightful experience for audiences.

Indian 2 

While we have seen the magic of the actor Ajay Devgn in the Bollywood industry, it would have been highly interesting to witness him making an entry in the south industry as well. And when he could have done the same with the Kamal Haasan starrer film Indian 2, the latter slipped off this golden opportunity and let it go.

As per the reports the ace director, Shankar had a keen interest in casting Ajay Devgn in the villainous role in this film. However, despite having liked the script of the film and being highly curious to become a part of the same, the actor could not say yes following his tight shooting schedules and other commitments.

Karan Arjun in the role of Salman Khan

The extravagant bond shared by the sibling Jodi that makes them reincarnate to seek revenge on their killers became one of the love Bollywood classics that is still remembered well by the fans. With an ensemble cast of various lead actors and actresses, the song numbers of this film are still popular among the favorites list.

While we certainly can’t imagine any other actor bringing out the same emotions as Salman and SRK did, the role of Salman Khan, that is, Karan Singh was initially offered to the actor Ajay Devgn. However, due to some creative differences with its director, Rakesh Roshan, the actor could not accept to play the part in the film.

Darr in SRK’s role

Looks like the actor Ajay Devgn had been a Well-wisher for the actor Shahrukh Khan. Considering the fact of various movies that were initially offered to Ajay Devgn and later went to Shahrukh Khan, the 1993 film darr that helped the actor SRK to rise significantly in this glam industry and make a good career was initially offered to the actor Ajay Devgn.

With its director Yash Chopra being curious about casting Ajay Devgn in the lead role, the latter was highly busy with his other projects and not even bothered to make a response to the offer.

Bajirao Mastani in Ranveer Singh’s role

“Cheeteh ki chaal, Baaz Ki Nazar, aur Bajirao ki Talwar par Sandeh nahi karte!” The power-packed performance of the actor Ranveer Singh in the lead role as Peshwa Bajirao in the film Bajirao Mastani certainly raised the standards of the Bollywood industry.

Being regarded as one of the most brilliant works by the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film had an enormous set and brilliant set of actors who aced their respective roles. While we certainly can’t imagine any other actor bringing justice towards the role, the actor Ajay Devgn was initially approached to play the lead part in the film. And, if some rumors are to be believed, the latter turned down the role since his terms and conditions were not approved by the makers.

Padmavat in Ranveer Singh’s role

Imagine the image used in the career of the actor Ajay Devgn if he would have been agreed to play the villainous role of Alauddin Khilji in the film Padmavat? Well turning down this lifetime opportunity which became a boon for the actor Ranveer Singh, the intense character of Alauddin Khilji was perfectly aced by Ranveer.

Who could have imagined that Ranveer could go beyond levels to get into the skin of this Harsh character!? Well talking about Ajay rejecting the role the latter could not say yes to the offer following his date issues.


Well, this can certainly be helmed as one of the brilliant decisions taken by the actor. Having been approached to play a part in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film power, the actor I was about to make his mark in the film and tell if fell into some differences with its director and had encountered date issues as well. Following this, he could not become a part of this film which even got shelved and was never released.

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