Before Dating Katrina, Vicky Kaushal Had An Ugly Breakup With This Actress.

The Tinseltown love affairs and the disheartening breakup stories have always kept the audiences highly engaged rather than even more than the filmy world itself. Why we all love to keep ourselves updated about the various news pertaining to the personal lives and daily updates of our favorite celebs, the fans have always been highly eager to know more about their favorite stars.

Though we know enough about the various love triangles and breakup stories of our favorite veteran and popular actors, it’s time to take a note about one of the biggest sensations at the present time that is Vicky Kaushal.

Recently grabbing headlines with him having been involved with the actress Katrina Kaif and getting married soon, the Paparazzi also grabbed headlines for their Hush-hush ring ceremony. And according to various speculations, the duo is set to get married towards the end of this year, that is, in December.

And to top this off, the duo has planned their grand wedding to be taking place in the royal city of Rajasthan. While we still can’t wait to see this duo getting married, the various pictures of them celebrating the auspicious occasion of Diwali together have been surfacing on the internet.

While none of the news has been confirmed by the couple, the various sources have been suggesting their clothes being designed by Sabyasachi. Currently making themselves busy with their wedding plans, the adorable pictures of the couple have become a hot topic and the internet sensations in the present time. According to the reports-

The cute love affair of this couple caught attention during their appearance in The most notorious talk show Koffee with Karan where the latter Vicky Kaushal fakely fainted to express his delight towards Katrina’s desire of working alongside him. Karan even told Vicky how the duo will look extremely adorable together. 

Apart from this, Katrina was recently spotted in the premiere of Vicky Kaushal’s film, Sardar Udham Singh, and highly praised the latter by describing his performance as heartbreaking and raw along with describing him as pure talent. While none of us had an idea about having Katrina and Vicky being together, it was Harshvardhan Kapoor who came forward to claim the immense closeness growing between the couple and said – 

While we have heard enough about the cuteness of this duo and are already aware of the various link-up stories of the actress Katrina Kaif especially with Salman Khan, most of us might not have an idea about the actor Vicky Kaushal of having dated a television actress in the past. Let’s have a look at some major highlights about this affair:

Vicky Kaushal was said to have been engaged with the actress Harleen Sethi much before Katrina Kaif. Harleen and Vicky dated for a long period of time and even looked brilliant together. However, things went sour between the couple and the two finally called off their relationship after Vicky Kaushal’s success in the film Uri the surgical strike.

And when asked about the same, Harleen went on to comment about the changing nature of the actor after working in various films. Not having been the same guy anymore, Harleen went on to take a drastic step of calling it quits. She said – 

While the breakup story created havoc amongst the media, the duo decided to remain silent on the matter. With unfollowing Vicky on social media handles, Harleen went on to pen down a disheartening post or rather a sad poem about their breakup on Instagram. The post said- 

Apart from this Harleen even wrote a letter in the past on the social media handle Instagram which stated:

While it’s a matter of fact that nobody likes to talk about being single after a disheartening breaking up, Vicky clearly spoke about him being single and mentioned the same during an award presentation. The latter reacted by saying –

Breaking up back in 2019, the actress Kartina Kaif was also blamed as the major reason behind Harleen’s and Vicky’s breakup. With the rumors of Kartina and Vicky dating each other, they were spotted together on various occasions which formed the other reason behind Harleen and Vicky’s breakup. And as for Harleen, she hails from a Sikh family and has previously worked in serials like Gabru: Hip hop ke Shehzaade and NDTV’s show, India Adventures. Hailing as a brilliant dancer and actress, she became a sensation post her affair story with Vicky Kaushal. 

And getting into details about professional fronts, the actor Vicky Kaushal is performing extremely well in his recent film Sardar Udham Singh and has always been praised for his various other works whereas, on the other hand, the actress Harleen Sethi was lastly seen in the film broken but beautiful. The other lined-up projects of the actor include the films, Mr lele, and a biopic, Sam Bahadur.

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