Urvashi Rautela Dropped Her Iphone13, Checkout Users Funny Reactions.

The grief and sorrow of a broken phone are not a matter of joke. The immense pain that is caused in the heart whenever we tend to drop or even get a minor scratch on the phone is one of the biggest nightmares for any individual.

Taking into consideration the importance of the phone in our daily lives, the phone has certainly become one of the most essential things and is probably the closest to our hearts. Being so used to our phones has now become one of the inseparable things for humans and we feel like we are not even human without them.

In such a scenario, dropping a phone is enough to give a heart attack not only to the owner of the phone but also to people around them. If a person falls, one might not approach to console or take care of the person, and at the same time, if a phone is dropped, everyone gathers around to check if everything is ok or not. This might seem a bit rude to you, but is the harsh reality of today’s world.

While we thought this to be a nightmare for the audience or an average middle-class person, wait until you see the viral video of the stunning actress Urvashi Rautela. 

Starting her career in 2013 with the film Singh Saab The Great Urvashi Rautela caught the attention of the audiences with the character of Minnie in the film. While we all started drooling over the mesmerizing beauty of the actress, she stunned the audience by getting crowned as Miss Diva universe in 2015. This pageantry changed the life of the actress and she became a prominent part of the Bollywood industry. With her sensuous performances in various item numbers and films, she became a heartthrob for millions of audiences. 

Recently gaining prominence as the first Bollywood actress to receive a 10 years UAE golden visa, Urvashi took the internet by storm. While the various pictures of the actress surfaced on the internet where she was proudly seen flaunting her passport, the actress again made it to headlines following a viral video where she dropped her iPhone. 

While the iPhone is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious things that have become a status symbol for many, it’s certainly heartache to see breaking such an expensive phone.

While we already know about the whopping amount that one has to spend on grabbing an iPhone and various memes that have always been floated on the internet stating it to be one of the most expensive luxuries which would even require a middle-class person to sell off their kidneys. 

While we cannot even imagine affording the recently launched iPhone 13, imagine dropping such a luxury! That shocking moment when one’s phone hits the ground, and each one just stares at it for a good 30 seconds and tries to process what just happened. And praying deep down, please don’t be cracked! The hilarious video of Urvashi Rautela where she was seen coming out of a car and dropping her iPhone 13 has become viral over social media. Dropping her phone not only gave a mini attack to the actress but also the people surrounding her. And to top it off, the hilarious reaction of the cameraman and his comments became another reason for this video to be viral. 

Following this, we have created a list of some hilarious comments left by the users and have fans who were highly amazed by the actress’s and cameraman’s reactions. Let’s have a look:
















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