This Is What Happened To Bhatia Family Home After Burari Incident.

The recently released documentary on the horrifying incident of the Burari deaths has shaken the audiences to the core. While the incident made into pieces of news and became the biggest mysteries of that time, the makers of this documentary have again made the people startled about what would have happened in the house. Marking its release on Netflix, the documentary revolving around the case has been brilliantly worked upon by the makers and is released with the name of the House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. Making us all feel too uneasy about the realities and facts relating to the case, this has left the people behind with a lot of questions in their minds including the prime question as “Why!?”

A brilliant work by Leena Yadav, this documentary perfectly penned down all the conspiracy and assumptions that surrounded the case and helped people to get more attentive to the serious issues related to mental health, repressive natures, and pressures that exist in the minds of individuals. While these issues might seem addressable to you, these are rather one of the most serious issues that are less talked about on a general note. And raising questions about the same delved the audiences about the utmost importance of talking out about such things. 

To cast some shadow upon the case, this horrifying incident took place back in 2018 where the 11 members of the family went on to take their lives by hanging themselves to death. The maker of this documentary brilliantly related the hanging bodies to the similarities of the hanging branches of The Banyan tree. Making us all wonder about the reason that must have been behind the terrible step of 11 family members of three generations who hanged themselves from the ceiling was beyond the imagination of people. The Bhatia family residing in the Burari region of Delhi shook the nation with their actions.

How could this happy family be drawn towards taking such an extreme step? Well, the more terrifying this incident might sound to you, it was even more horrifying for the officials and the people who witnessed 10 bodies hanging to the iron rod of the ceiling which left them traumatic for the rest of their lives. With having a dog as the only survivor that was left behind, no foul activities or play was detected in the case. 

With initially opening up the documentary as just a stupid and ridiculous case, the makers gradually drew the attention of people towards the various conclusions and theories developed by the law enforcement authorities, experts, and various news channels. While the documentary helped us all in getting a closer peek at the case, one of the questions that left the people strangled was about what happened to their house afterward?

And to answer the same, the house has now been popularly addressed as the haunted house and has become an attraction for visitors. Situated in North Delhi in the Burari region, the house measures about 1,070 square feet. A 3-storey building which happens to be a house for two families – the Kashyap’s, residing on the ground floor of the building and managing a diagnostic center and secondly, the other two floors – first and second, being cared for by Ali’s family. 

While some neighbors still report some unnatural presence being felt around the house, the owners have denied such claims. And due to the blood-curdling incident that occurred in the place, has made the property been valued at a much lesser amount. The property is now rented at a much lesser amount in comparison with the other buildings of that area. 

Apart from a dog the two other relatives of the family who lived away from the family survived and are still recovering and processing the traumatic tragedy that occurred with their family. Two siblings, out of which, the eldest son of the family, Dinesh Singh Chundawat, works as a contractor in Rajasthan and made a statement regarding living separately as:

Apart from this brother Jodi, the other sibling, Sujata Nagpal, is said to be residing in Panipat, Haryana. 

With casting a shadow on the Indian mentality of keeping their things and personal statements within the four walls of the house, the director, Leena Yadav expressed her eagerness about making a documentary surrounding this topic that has always fascinated her following which she always wanted to dig more layers of this case. With previously famed for her works in films like Shabd, Rajma Chawal, Parched, etc.

The director worked alongside her co-directors Anubhav Chopra and Yadav who helped her in digging out more details about the case. Leena even talked about the difficulties that she had to face while shooting for the documentary where it was getting difficult for her to make people open up more about the case. And to summarise the same, the director commented the following: 




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