This is Sanjay Mishra’s Struggle Story, Leaving Bollywood To Working In Dhaba For Rs 150/Day.

While there have been innumerable brilliant stars that are present in the Bollywood industry, among those gems the actor Sanjay Mishra has been one of the most prominent actors of the industry. Born in 1963 this actor started his career in 1995 with the film oh darling! Yeh Hai India!. Hailing from Darbhanga, Bihar, the journey of the actor towards reaching heights of success was immensely harsh and full of ups and downs. Born into a middle-class family, Sanjay Mishra is named amongst one of the self-made actors in the industry. While we already drool over the characters played by the actor it’s time to have a look at the various struggles that the actor went through in his life.

With a career spanning over 25 years, the actor has been well known for various hilarious and comical performances that made all of us laugh our hearts out to such an extent that left us teary-eyed. Right from his performance Shukla Ji in Office Office to a teacher in hip hip hurray and Chandragupta sir, to Babli, the actor has aced them all. Making us all laugh and cry at the same time, Sanjay Mishra has emerged as one of the brilliant actors in the industry. Despite being such an exceptional actor, there was a time when the actor had to give up acting and survive by working at a Dhaba for just a salary of rupees 150.

Yes, this might sound astounding to you but the Harsh times faced by the actor became one of the hardest times for the actor. This happened back at the time during the shooting for Office Office when the actor had a trail of mishappenings prevailing in his life. The actor fell miserably sick during the time of the shoot following which, he had to undergo surgery where 15 liters of pus was removed from his stomach. While the actor could overcome his physical health and trauma the life gave him another shocker just after 15 days of his surgery when his father suddenly passed away. This came as a Heartbreaker to the actor leaving him shattered to such an extent that he could not even mark his return back to the Bollywood industry and I could not go to Mumbai.

Shocked by what happened in his life, Sanjay Mishra decided to cut off the strings from the world and live alone. Following this, the actor moved to Rishikesh and started working at a Dhaba by making omelets. While you all might be wondering about him becoming popular at the place it’s quite surprising to know that the owner of the Dhaba could not even recognize Sanjay Mishra as an actor. And when some of the customers arriving at the Dhaba recognised the actor and started taking selfies and clicking pictures with him this was the time when the owner was urged to ask him about his real identity.

On being speculated by the fans as “Golmaal mein aap hi the na!?” Made the Sardar owner of Dhaba realize the true identity of Sanjay Mishra. While the actor had lost hopes of marking his way back to the silver screen, it was then when Rohit Shetty urged the actor to come back to Mumbai and pursue his career. Upon being highly pressured by the director the actor finally agreed to return to Mumbai and starred in Shetty’s movie all the best. Again proving his brilliance by making us all laugh out loud with his performance in the film, he made his position in the industry. However, while we all thought of him being normal at that time the actor used to head towards his vanity and cry out loud missing his father. 

While we all thought that the actor had only gone through these traumas, he even lost faith in marriage due to his failed first marriage. And on being insisted by his mother, the actor agreed to get married for the second time and to his surprise, the marriage turned out to be bliss and he is now happily married with his wife Kiran Mishra and has two daughters from his second marriage named Pal and Lamha Mishra.

Who would have thought that an NSD graduate would end up serving in a Dhaba? Despite working with everything from 1991 to 1999 Sanjay could only do enough to be able to survive on a vada pav. While we all go through some rough patches in life the most important thing is to get lessons and keep on moving with strong willpower.

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