Lesser Known Facts About Actor Arshad Warsi.

As soon as we hear the name of the Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi the first look of the actor that runs through a mind is off the circuit from the film Munna Bhai MBBS. While we are already aware of his brilliant works in the Bollywood industry it’s highly surprising to know about some lesser-known facts relating to the life of the actor that remain hidden from the fans. Let’s have a look:

Entry in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi is one of the notable actors for working in varied film genres and marked his entry into the Bollywood industry in 1996 with the film Tere mere Sapne. The offer made by Amitabh Bachchan’s production company became a boon for the actor and has never looked back since. Accrediting the actress Jaya Bachchan being the major reason for his entrance into this industry the actor is highly thankful towards Jaya who was probably the first person to recognize the habit of the actor of hiding his sensitivity with his comedy and humorous skills. Following there’s the actor even stated his desire in working in the film Scarface and dedicating the same to the actress Jaya Bachchan. 

Early life and childhood

Spending his early childhood in the hostel, the actor doesn’t feel connected to the people who are more inclined towards their families. Being in a sour relationship with his family the actor stated about him being highly enthusiastic about becoming a gymnast during his hostel life at the age of 9 years. However, his father didn’t approve of the same and made him let go of the opportunity of being a world-class gymnast when he was selected for the field by two British men. Getting angry at the same the actor even stated of not having met his parents frequently during his hostel life and only used to visit them twice a year or even less due to which he insisted upon his friends to write letters to him.

Initial struggles

The actor hails from a well-off family whose life turned upside down with the demise of his father. Living his life in a lavish bungalow the actor had to shift into a one-room apartment following his father’s death. And due to financial crises, the actor even had to drop his studies in 10th and start working for the family. Starting as a door-to-door cosmetic seller at the mere age of 17 years, he even worked in a photo lab. Later developing an interest in dance the actor joined Akbar Sami’s Dance group in Mumbai, and became choreographer for movies Kaash and Thikana. However, most office earnings got spent on his mother’s dialysis before she passed away.

Love life and marriage

The actor is a proud father to a son and a daughter Zeke and Zene with his wife Maria Goretti. The love brewed between the duo during the Malhar college festival where Arshad became a dancing judge and Maria was a contestant. Feeling for each other at an instant, Maria finally confessed her love for Arshad during the dance drama in Dubai. After having a glass of beer offered by Arshad, Maria finally gained the courage to express her love for Arshad and the duo ended up getting married. While the duo also faced a rough patch during the time of Arshad being busy in his production house, however, they came up strong and preserved their sinking relationship. Being engrossed in work for 9 months, even the news about their relationship being in trouble started surfacing the news channels.


The actor bore the loss of his parents at an early age where his father passed due to cancer when he was nearly 17 to 18 years old. And just two years later he lost his mother upon whom he exhausted most of his savings on her dialysis. Post his father’s demise the actor had to make a shaft along with his brother from his house to a one-room apartment. And according to some reports, his father was an accomplished harmonium player and an assistant music director to the famed Ghulam Haider. 

Shelved projects

While we all have been highly eager for the actor to witness him in various movies, there were times when the actor could have made his name even brighter in the industry following the projects he starred in. However, due to some issues, the films could not mark their releases and were shelved. Some of his shelved films include Chhupa Hai dil mein kya where he was designated to play a scientist, Hum Tum Aur Woh, aye watan tere liye, Saza, cocktail, an unusual love story, Hollywood film Shantaram, Hungame Pe Hungama, etc. and various other unnamed shelved projects.

Rumored linkups and engagements

While we have already read about his love story with his now-wife Maria, it’s highly surprising to note his involvement with various other actresses from the industry. Being said to be engaged with Pooja Bhatt, the actor is even rumored to get involved with Pooja’s cousin Valerie. Post this, the actor is even rumored to get engaged to the actress Anjali Jathar in 1993.

Rejected roles

The actor could have made his name by appearing in various established films of the Bollywood industry including the film Umrao Jaan where the actor Arshad Warsi was initially signed for the lead role. However, the actor turned down to become a part of the film due to some unknown reasons post which the role was finally bagged by Puru Rajkumar. Apart from this in the film koi mere Dil se pooche directed by Boney Kapoor the makers initially wanted to cast the Jodi of Arshad and Twinkle. However, due to some unknown reasons, the idea was dropped and the movie was finally made the lead pair of Esha Deol and Sanjay Kapoor. He was even signed for the film Khuda Kasam from which the actor later dropped out and the film was grabbed by Sunny Deol.


In 2001 the actor made headlines after commenting on a slice ad endorsed by Katrina Kaif where he mockingly addressed how the actress holds raw mango in her hand while endorsing a mango soft drink and goes on to say that if she held a grape in her hand it would probably become a wine! The comment made by the after spread like a fire and when being asked on the same the actor clarified about how this comment is not related to the actress but with the creative ad makers. He even mentioned it as just being a humorous comment rather than anything serious. In 2006, he was provided with protection from the Afghan government who appointed as many as 60 armed commandos for his security after being threatened by the Taliban during his shoot for the film Kabul Express in Afghanistan. 

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