Crazy Celebrity Confessions On Simi Garewal’s Show.

The various talk shows and reality shows have always been creating an immense craze among Indian audiences. These shows not only help the celebs to open up more about their personal lives, but also help the audiences to get some news and information about their favorite celebs. However, there have been times when the shocking revelations made by the actors became the biggest news sensation of that time. Talking about one of the most notorious and prominent shows ever created in this genre happens to be Simi Garewal’s, “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal”.

Popularly addressed as “The Lady in White”, the veteran actress Simi Garewal was one of the brilliant actresses of that time who starred in blockbuster hits like Karz, Kabhi Kabhie, Mera Naam Joker, Do Badan, etc. Her show featured many renowned personalities, who had revealed many secrets of their life on Simi’s show. Let’s have a look at some of the most shocking ones: 

Rekha confessing her love for Amitabh Bachchan

While the love story and mystery of the relationship shared by Amitabh and Rekha have always been a hot topic, the actress came forward to clarify things on Simi Garewal’s talk show and confessed her deep love for Amitabh. Rekha even clarified about not being involved in any way with Amitabh during any stage in life. However, the various rumors surfacing amongst the people was something that never affected Rekha or Amitabh and Jaya’s relationship. When Simi put forth the question about having a problem with Amitabh’s marriage, the actress calmly replied about not having a problem with their marriage and still loving the actor with all her heart. She even said about recollecting all the love from the world and even adding some more to it would still not define the immense love that the actress holds for Amitabh.

Shahrukh being the reason for Aishwarya’s exit from the films

Aishwarya Rai appeared on Simi Garewal’s talk show and made a shocking revelation about being thrown out from various Shahrukh Khan starrer movies for no reason. While the actress didn’t reveal the actual reason or any rivalry existing behind the same, she mentioned not commenting much about the issue and about how she was thrown out from Shahrukh movies for which the actor even apologized later.

Amitabh reaction to his relationship with Rekha

Not only the Bollywood actress Rekha commented about her relationship with Amitabh, but also the actor. Back in 1998, Amitabh was questioned about being traumatic with people’s comments on his illegitimate relationship with Rekha. On this, the actor commented that he had no problem with these rumors and comments but was highly upset about people commenting on sensitive topics like Rekha living in the same house with Amitabh. On this, the actor even mentioned not being involved in any such activities and said that people have no right to comment on anything like this without having any solid proof.

Rani Mukherjee’s statement

The Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee commented about falling in love with any actor she works with! Being highly romantic, the actress confessed to falling in love with almost every co-star she performs a romantic scene with. She even recalled the time when she fell for a person during her college days and the consequences faced by the actress after her family got to know about her relationship. Post the incident, she never got involved in a relationship with anyone else.

Kareena Kapoor’s desire for dating Rahul Gandhi

When Simi asked the actress about the person she would like to date from the world, Kareena after being awkward, expressed her desire of dating Rahul Gandhi. She mentioned being highly amazed by the pictures of the politician in the newspapers and felt that he would be an interesting person to talk to and wanted to know more about him.

Sushmita Sen’s struggles in adopting a daughter

The Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is regarded as one of the most brilliant and prettiest actresses of all time. While we certainly know enough about the life details and the achievements made by the actress, it’s quite surprising to know about the various struggles and hardships faced by her during the adoption of her daughter Renee. Wandering to adopt her first girl child, Sushmita had to face rejections from 14 organizations before she finally made it to adopt Renee. Being a single mother for the child, all the organizations rejected the application of the actress.

Kiran Bedi’s experience

The supercop Kiran Bedi expressed her experience with bribes and mentioned how the wealthy businessman reached out to her house and offered her necklaces and gold wristwatches to get their work done.

Raveena Tandon’s engagement with Akshay Kumar

The various love affairs and engagements between the actors and actresses have been one of the prominent topics prevailing in the history of Bollywood. And amongst those rumors, the one that gained immense popularity amongst the audiences was the engagement of Akshay Kumar with the actress Raveena Tandon. On being asked about the same, the actress revealed taking a two-year break from the industry after getting engaged to somebody from the industry. The actress took a break and decided to lead a normal life after her engagement and even went off the screen for two years.

SRK’s unusual desires for his son

While we all always wish good for ourselves and wait for our desires to get fulfilled, it looks like god has certainly fulfilled the desires of Shah Rukh Khan of his son being a spoilt brat. During his appearance along with his wife Gauri Khan, on the talk show with Simi Garewal, the actor expressed his desire of wanting his son to become a spoilt brat in the future and do drugs along with running after the girls.

Mukesh Ambani proposing Nita Ambani

While we certainly know about the immense success and fame enjoyed by the renowned personality Mukesh Ambani and his wife, Mukesh once made an appearance on Simi Garewal’s talk show along with his wife. During the show, he revealed about proposing to Nita in the middle of the road by stopping the car whilst they were out for a long drive. 

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