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Brilliant Content.IMDB Ratings Of Web Series In 2021.

The OTT platforms have changed the mindset of the people to a greater extent. The various creations released on these platforms have made a shift in the mindset of the audiences in terms of the genres and content. While we have certainly witnessed the various brilliant creations released in recent times, it’s time to look at the IMDb ratings of some popular web series that entertained the audiences in 2021. Let’s have a look:

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths – 8/10

The recently released documentary has taken the internet by storm where the buried case of the Burari deaths has been again taken to prominence by the makers. Being based upon the mysterious case of the Burari region in Delhi, this documentary revolves around the blood-curdling death of 11 family members who hanged themselves. Recently marking its release on OTT platform Netflix, this web series has been released with three episodes and has become one of the most talked-about series in today’s date. Receiving a rating of 8 on IMDb, this series is sure to leave you in a state of shock and give you goosebumps.

Kota factory – 9.2/10

While we certainly know about the brilliance of this web series and the overwhelming success of its first installment, the makers went on to release its second installment in the year 2021. Receiving a rating of 9.2 on IMDb, Kota factory has become one of the most prominent and loved series amongst the teens. Starring an ensemble cast of various prominent faces this series showcases the harsh reality and difficulties faced by the students going to Kota to prepare for JEE and NEET and working hard towards getting into IIT.

Tandav – 3.8/10

A political thriller web series marking its release on OTT platform Amazon prime video, Tandav was not able to impress the audiences to a greater extent. Grabbing a rating of 3.8 on IMDb, this series included an ensemble cast of various veteran and established actors of the industry such as Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Dino Morea, Sunil Grover, Anup Soni, amongst others. With having nine episodes and a brilliant set of actors as cast, the series was not able to engage the audiences.

Bombay begums – 4.9/10

Are you also among those who got immensely fed up with the posters and ads of this web series as soon as we opened Netflix? Well, while the audiences had higher hopes from this series, they were only able to get a rating of 4.9 on IMDb. Showcasing the story of five ambitious women, the poster of this series was quite strong. Marking its release on 8th March 2021, the series starred actresses like Pooja Bhatt, Amruta Subhash, Plabita Borthakur, and various others in the lead roles. The first look of the actress Pooja Bhatt gave the audiences a ray of hope for its brilliance however, looks like the series was able to perform averagely and received an average rating of 4.9 on IMDb.

Mumbai diaries 26/11 – 8.8/10

A drama series by Nikhil Advani, this recently released web series was made with 8 episodes that surrounded the story of immense magnitude in Mumbai and the crisis faced by doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel. Gradually gaining prominence among the audiences, this web series received a rating of 8.8 on IMDb. 

Aspirants- 9.7/10

Probably one of the most talked-about web series of 2021 that became highly popular just after its release is the TVF play web series, Aspirants. Following the story of three friends who are preparing for their UPSC exams, this series received an overwhelming response from the audiences which made it entitled to a brilliant rating of 9.7 on IMDb.

The Empire – 4/10 

Probably one of the most hyped series that became a favorite for the audiences overnight was Hotstar’s period drama series, The Empire. While this series was initially referred to as the “desi version of the Game of Thrones”, it initially opened up to a positive response following the brilliance of the actors like Dino Morea and Shabana Azmi who were highly praised for their performances along with various other elements like sets and costumes. However, it looks like the story of the series was not able to impress the audiences to a greater extent which made people leave a rating of 4 on IMDb.

Ray – 7.2/10

A Psychological thriller series by the filmmaker Satyajit Ray, this anthropology web series is divided into four segments or short stories which starred the prominent actors Manoj Bajpai, Kay Kay Menon, Ali Faisal, and Harshvardhan Kapoor in the lead roles. With each story having a different title and a different story plot, this Netflix released series was able to grab a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.

The family man 2 – 8.8/10

After the immense success gained by the first installment of Manoj Bajpai starrer, the family man, the makers left the audiences highly eager with the announcement of its second season. And keeping the respect of high hopes made by the fans, the second installment of the series became even more popular. Receiving a brilliant rating of 8.8 on IMDb, The family man was much loved by the audience.

Break Point – 9/10

Are you also amongst those who have still not come across this brilliant content? Released on Zee 5, this documentary was based on the former Indian doubles tennis player’s partnership and success of Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes and received a great rating of 9 on IMDb. Recently marking its release on 1st October 2021, the web series is released with nine episodes.

Gullak season 2 – 9.1/10

The more quirky the name of the show is, the even quirkier its story is. Released under the banner of The Viral Fever (TVF), this web series revolves around the acts of the Mishra family. Being highly liked by the audiences, the first season of this series received a great response which urged the makers to work upon its next season. And to their utter surprise, the second season also became a huge success following a rating of 9.1 on IMDb.