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17 Tweets To Read Before Watching The House Of Secrets On Netflix.

While several mysteries and shocking cases have occurred in Indian history, one such case happened at the Burari place situated in Delhi, India. This occurrence in 2018 became one of the unresolved mysteries and took the internet by storm where each one of us was highly amazed that how the 11 members of a family could commit at the same time. Hanging from the ceiling the 11 members of three successive generations went on to take their lives which became the news sensation and left the people in despair.

While most of the people speculated it to be an act of black magic the others claimed it to be a murder. Being a shocking event not only for people but for the officials as well this case became one of the most talked-about cases of that time. The eldest member of the family, the grandmother was left strangled while the other members hanged themselves to death.

The officials said it to be the case of shared psychosis. The Chundawat (Bhatia) family members, included two teens, 2 men and 6 women we found who were found in the early morning after their death included some members being tied with blindfolds, plugged ears, and their mouths being taped which made the officials speculate it is an unpredictable event. 

While most of us might have overcome the scenario, the OTT platform Netflix is back with casting some light upon The case by creating a documentary named House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths, a TV series that explains the horrors and the incident that took place back in 2018. Being rated as 8.1 out of 10 on IMDB this show is gaining huge prominence among the audiences. 

And if the people who already have watched the show are to be believed, the show might leave you in a state of depression witnessing how dreadful the situation must have been. A 2hr 15 min. series with 3 episodes, the show is sure to leave you in deep shock and might not be suitable for people with weak hearts. Describing the scenario similar to the branches of a banyan tree, the members of the family were found hanging with colored dupattas attached to the ceiling making it a resemblance to the branches of the Banyan tree. Though More and more people are watching the show and are explaining their experiences and reviews about the same, let’s have a look at some of the shocking tweets made by the audiences about this weird and eerie incident: