Hrithik Roshan’s Trolled For Seelan On Wall, Actor Replies To Trolls.

The various luxuries, lifestyles, and clothing trends of the Bollywood stars have been a dream for any individual. The various social media platforms have kept the audiences engaged in keeping a close eye on the schedules, and clothing trends followed by their favorite celebs. At some times, while the fans praise them for their uniqueness and try to follow similar lines, at the other, they even came forward to criticize them over small things.

We as fans are always curious to be able to get a sneak peek of their luxurious homes and properties either by following them on social media or by various other sources. Though we have always treated them like a different species, we often tend to forget that they are humans too and have the same basic set of problems that are faced by every other household.

The recent pic shared by Hrithik Roshan on his Twitter account took the platform by storm and various comments started showering in for the patch of seepage visible in his shot. This pic started a trolling session amongst the audiences where even some paint companies got actively involved. And, when fans were constantly engaged in trolling the actor about the same, Hrithik went on to give a befitting reply to the netizens.

Talking about the details of the picture, it all started on 15th September morning when the actor shared a mirror selfie of him enjoying a “lazy breakfast date” with his mother, Pinky Roshan, mentioning him feeling like a weekend on a mid-week day!. In the tweet, his mother stood on the balcony with a view of some ongoing construction in the background. With him comfortably seated on a chair inside and his mother captured looking out from a balcony the actor wrote, “On a lazy breakfast date with my mum. It’s a good morning. Sunday feels on Wednesday are best.”

However, despite having a look at the moment shared by the actor, his followers started commenting on the dampness (seepage) patch that was clearly visible in the picture. This post soon became a trending one and drew attention towards Mumbai’s monsoon season which has become a major reason for water damages.

Let’s have a look at some of the classic replies left by his fans on the post:

This user got extremely happy to see the seepage in Hrithik’s home and was satisfied that this problem was not only confined to average households. Something similar of this kind was shared by the others who got a sigh of relief after witnessing the water damages in a celebrity household.

Some similar comments were passed by other users as well who expressed their exclamations towards something like this being normalized in a celebrity household.

This user commented keeping in mind the paint endorsement done by the actress, Deepika Padukone.

Alex’s commented about the whopping amount spent by the actor on luxurious items like phones and not having the money to fix the seepage.

Some of them not only questioned and commented on the seepage but also asked about other details of the picture. This user commented about the set of bottles kept beside the actor and enquired about the same.

Amongst them all, the one particular comment that got the attention of the actor was a comment by tanie_43 who wrote, “Gaur se dekhiye Hrithik Roshan ke ghar mein silan.” The actor went forward and humbly mentioned about, him living in a rented accommodation currently and would be purchasing his own house soon.

Heading towards gathering some specific details about the same, the actor is rumored to have been admist buying the two magnificent properties on the Juhu-Versova Link Road that offers a wide expansive view of the Arabian Sea. While one of these flats is a duplex penthouse, the other is a single storey home that is spread across an area of 38,000 sq ft. The property is being planned to merge the flats of 14th, 15th, and 16th floor into one and designing them as a sky villa. With purchasing this property in a whopping amount of 67.5 crores, for one and 30 crores for the other, the premise would also have ten parking spots within the building.

While this news is still not confirmed, he is currently enjoying life in a rented accommodation in Juhu for which he is being charged Rs. 8.25 Lakh per month.

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