9 Complicated TV Couples Were Once Found Romantic.

The true definition of love has never been determined by any individual. While we hold different perceptions and our own formulated meanings about the same, Bollywood and the Television industry have also not stepped back from showcasing a variety of love stories to date.

And, to revamp our memories about the same, we have recollected upon some of the nostalgic love couples who gave us butterflies in our stomachs back in that time until we grew up and realized their true sides of being more problematic than their love. Let’s have a look:

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin – Armaan and Jassi

This serial became an instant favorite for the audiences back at the time thanks to the quirky look of its main character, Jassi played by Mona Singh. Though we all drooled over the good moments shared by Armaan and Jassi, the plot stood a wrong example in the society by showcasing Armaan to be only able to recognize his love for Jassi till she takes off her nerdy looks and transforms into a diva.

Miley Jab Hum Tum – Gunjan and Samrat

The love chemistry between this couple gained immense recognition amongst the teenagers of that time. By showcasing two love stories simultaneously, this particular couple became an instant favorite for the audiences. Their brewing romance was not only confined to screen, but they fell for each other in real life too! Getting into details about their chemistry on serial, the makers showcased Samrat indulging in bullying and annoying Gunjan just in the name of love.

Shararat – Jiya and Dhruv

“Shring bing sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartman…” Now, this phrase, or rather the mantra chanted by the so-called fairies of the serial instantly clicked the audiences making it one of the most loved series by teenagers. With Shruti Seth playing the lead role of Jiya n the series, she stood a wrong example of love by constantly getting insecure and fighting to get his love, Dhruv’s attention.

Though they might seem to be one of the loveliest couples of the time, getting insecure over a girl like Pam and using her magic to woo Dhruv at times, was a bit too much for love!

Dill Mill Gayye – Armaan and Riddhima

The mere thought of this couple is enough to get butterflies through our stomachs. While we particularly loved this serial just because of this couple, but if we relate the situations to the real lives, the constant attempts of Armaan to get private moments with Riddhima despite her no, was something not acceptable.

Where being a doctor is a serious profession, showing such moments amidst some serious situations now makes us wonder about the other side of reality. Apart from this, Armaan was also seen throwing tantrums following his anger issues which truly proved this not be an ideal one!

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi – Maan and Geet

The television actress Drashti Dhami has been the talk of the town following her comeback and brilliance in the recently released web series, The Empires. Taking back to the time where she shot to fame, was her performance in the serial, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. Their on-screen chemistry was something else than love since the intolerable insulting attitude of Armaan towards his secretary Geet was something beyond the true definition of love.

Left Right Left – Rajveer and Naina

This couple will make you wonder upon the question – What kind of love is this!? With not showing any appropriate signs of love, the characters were rather indulged in yelling and being not so nice to each other. Though we still love this serial for its brilliantly written story, their love couple was not well written for being romantic.

Kahiin to Hoga – Kashish and Sujal

Based on the 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice, this serial not only felt a bit wrong for showcasing the way of independent woman concept but also felt a bit confusing on what they exactly wanted to say. By showing its lead, Kashish, as a strong and independent woman, on one hand, on the other, she kept her mouth shut on being married to the wrong man.

And on the contrary, her love interest Sujal was depicted as a man who would never confess her feelings to Kashish following his arrogance.

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Abhay and Piya

Regarded as the desi version of Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, this serial remains in the hearts of people thanks to the charming couple Abhay and Piya. But, wait, do you realize the practicality of this serial?

Well, falling in love with a 200-year-old vampire is certainly something that can’t be true. Right!? However, what-so-ever be the case, the various loving moments ranging from Abhay constantly staring at Piya to him saving her life multiple times, this serial had a vast set of romancing elements.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay – Prerna and Anurag

We probably saved the worst one for the last! Yes, despite this serial being named under one of the brilliant daily soaps created so far, their problematic trust issues, and dramas left us shaken with this definition of love.

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