7 Bollywood Movies That Raised Voice Against Domestic Violence.

Bollywood has been famous for producing classic movies with off-beat content on various genres, amongst those one happens to be the sci-fi films.  While we always thought that only the Hollywood industry is something that can produce something unbelievable and unimaginable in the genre, the Bollywood industry surprised the audiences with its work in the film, Koi Mil Gaya. Though the existence of UFOs and Aliens has always been a big question, this film by Rakesh Roshan intended to bring our imaginations into reality with a blend of comical, drama, and love elements. A film with a long list of the star cast and child actors, the actor Hrithik Roshan played the main protagonist of Rohit in the movie whose life turns upside down after the introduction of an or…

While we always thought that movies are just a source of entertainment and nothing else, now it’s time to think about this twice! Movies are not only confined to having fictitious story plots, happy endings, or romance but also about the harsh realities of life. A new era has been introduced in the industry where the makers instead of making movies on an imaginary plot have shifted extensively towards either opting for real-life-based stories or giving inspiration towards addressing various taboos and dark realities of the society. While the addressing of such issues was not seriously perceived by the audiences and was nothing more than a story to them.

The filmmakers are now often engaged in bringing out such content that reflects the actual truth embedded in our societies. Right from gender inequalities to domestic outbreaks of violence to poverty, Bollywood has constantly engaged the audiences in drawing their attention towards such issues which were a true eye-opener for the commoners. Following this, we have recollected a list of some classic Bollywood movies that highlight the issues of domestic violence that is still one of the major problems of society. Let’s have a look:

Agni Sakshi (1996 film)

The Bollywood Agni Sakshi happens to be one of those Bollywood movies that will haunt you in your dreams. While every girl desires to have a loving, caring, and possessive husband, this film went a bit too far on being possessive about the partner. Like it’s truly said – “Hadh se zyada Kuch bhi acha nahi, Pyar Bhi Bhi Nahi!” You’ll surely have goosebumps with the way Manisha was tortured in the movie. While the lead character of Nana Patekar was shown deeply and madly in love with his wife, Madhu (Manisha Koirala) his love for her became so aggressive that it took the form of terrifying domestic violence. Taking into consideration the movie, both the lead actors of the film – Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar were highly praised for their amazing performances in the movie which even garnered them awards.

Provoked (2006 film)

Are you also amongst those who have completely forgotten about this movie starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the lead? Well, this 2006 film by Jag Mundhra was a real eye-opener for the audiences about the various physical and psychological tortures tolerated by women. Shot entirely in London, this movie was adapted from a real-life incident where a woman ends up killing her abusive husband. Loosely based on the life of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, her original case of burning down her husband after being in an abusive marriage for 10 long years became a base story for this movie. While we all as individuals know inside our hearts that this was a correct step taken by the protagonist, the movie also ended on a happier note where the lead was seen grasping public support for her freedom and ultimately freed herself by the judicial system!

Khoon Bhari Maang (1988 film)

A comeback movie in the industry for the Bollywood actress Rekha, this action thriller film was a brilliant work by Rakesh Roshan. With classic actors, Rekha and Kabir Bedi in the lead roles, this movie was one of the cruelest retaliation stories. Rekha, a widow with two cute kids, a girl and a boy falls into the trap set by Kabir Bedi. He wickedly makes her believe that he is the right man for her following which Rekha goes for a second marriage. However soon after his true colors are unveiled when he pushes Rekha into a lake with crocodiles to kill her and get hold of her property. However, Rekha returns to seek revenge on Kabir and lets him pay for his sins. While we all loved this action-packed film full of suspense and drama, this film was certainly a way more than this. The makers carefully delivered the horrors of being married to the wrong man. However, the strong character of Rekha in the movie where she survives and turns herself into an established celebrity was a great inspiration for all the women who had been through the same!

Mehndi (1998 film)

Now, this film was amongst those which showed the worst things that could ever happen to any married woman. Right from having a careless and abusive husband to having abusive in-laws, this film was a complete nightmare right from its start to the end. The film surrounds the dowry circle of society and showcases how girls are ill-treated upon the same if the dowry is not received! And after losing an unborn child, and a loving father for the same, the protagonist of Pooja decides to stand strong and teach her husband and in-laws a lesson for life. With the tragic death of her husband and making her in-laws realize their mistakes, this movie was a real eye-opener.

Daman (2001 film)

A film with a self-explanatory caption as Daman: “A Victim of Marital Violence”, this Indian drama film had actress Raveena Tandon in the lead role of Durga Saikia who falls into an abusive marriage. After being tortured for years both physically and mentally, the protagonist decides to elope with her daughter who is later found by her abusive husband and eventually gets killed by her. This brilliant piece of work by  Kalpana Lajmi with Raveena in the lead role garnered Raveena the National award for best actress.

Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (1997 film)

Now while you all might be thinking about the contrasting title of this film concerning domestic violence, then this name was probably chosen by the makers as an irony. While every girl dreams and wishes of having a grand and extravagant wedding with a dashing bridegroom who will arrive on a horse one day, the protagonist in this movie was devastated when she had to marry her rape victim. Though she felt that her life would go smoothly and she would be able to bring in a change, the worst was yet to come. Mala, the lead character played by Rani Mukherjee was not only abused by her husband but was also ill-treated by her in-laws. However, with her strong love and courage, she eventually makes her husband fall for her.

Thappad (2020 film)

Now, this film is probably something that created a lot of hype right before its release. While the self-explanatory title and the trailer of the movie were enough to explain the dilemma faced by a woman, the various questions started surfacing in the minds of people as “Ek hi to thappad hai”, farak padta hai ya Nahi? While different people were coming forward with their viewpoints on the same, this movie highlighted the issue of women being mistreated. A movie with a message that no matter how many household chores you do, or how perfect a housewife or a working woman you are, you must have the courage to withstand what is wrong even if it’s just one slap. Because an unjustified act of a kind is not justified!

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