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4000 Crores Networth.6 Expensive Things Owned By Raj Kundra.

The recent arrest case and his indulgence in inappropriate content have raised a sense of outrage and surprise amongst the people. While this has now become a popular meme material and the latter is being trolled for the same, its highly saddening that where on one side his wife Shilpa Shetty was marking her re-entry in Bollywood industry after years with the comical drama film, Hungama 2, on the other hand, he had to get jailed during the same time. When none of us could have ever thought of Raj being involved in such a scenario, various other shocking revelations about him associating the issue have been constantly rising.

Raj Kundra is named amongst one of the top businessmen of India and being a self-made person, his journey towards reaching such a position has been a true inspiration for many. Starting his journey at a mere age of 18 years, Raj established his roots by selling and exporting Pashmina Shawls to various fashion houses and retailers in Britain. This was a jackpot for the tycoon and after earning millions from the same, he went to increase his business on a large scale with having various other side businesses in his kitty. While we had always emphasized the various struggles and his marriage history, it’s time to have a look at some of the luxuries owned by Shilpa and her husband, Raj Kundra. Scroll down for the glimpse:

Apartment in Burj Khalifa

Jee Karda diladun tenu Burj Khalifa! While Akshay Kumar has been singing this throughout the song, this dream has been made true by Raj Kundra for his wife, Shilpa! Owning a flat in the tallest building in the world is certainly a matter of pride and a status symbol that has been achieved by this couple. Raj Kundra became the first-ever person in the history of the Bollywood industry to give such a lavish and expensive thing as an anniversary gift to his wife, Shilpa Shetty. Reportedly, the 19th floor of this tallest building was owned by the duo. However, Shilpa went on to sell off this property since she felt that her floor was having less space for the whole of her family to accommodate in! Well, selling off such a lavish house certainly brings out pain in our hearts! Right!?

Private Jet

After reading up on the first point, this one was a certain pone that we all had in our minds!. Owning a private jet has been one of the status symbols for celebrities these days and they never fall back to show off their luxurious assets in the form of cars and jets. Shilpa is walking towards having an extravagant life and has counted herself amongst the list of some popular celebrities who own a private jet. This has been well used by her family to make their journeys extra comfortable while traveling to various places for both work and leisure. Though we have already seen various pictures by the duo along with their private jets, the above image is one of those. Having a set of comfortable seating arrangements and an entertainment section is something that each person would ever thrive for!

Bungalow in Juhu

After owning a space in the tallest buildings of the world, they also have a luxurious space in Juhu, Mumbai. With a sea-facing villa, Raj Kundra gifted this beautiful luxury to his wife in the Maximum City. This is the property where Raj Shilpa and their family settle in as of now. With a set of amenities and luxuries, they are well settled in the property and the glimpse of her house can be seen through the various posts shared by her on her social media handle. With various pictures floating on the internet, the garden area and other parts of their house can easily be seen where they are enjoying themselves with the family.

A ravishing mansion in England

Looks like the duo has an avid interest in owning multiple properties under their name. Right from having the lavish villas and flats mentioned earlier, they are also the proud owners of a giant mansion in England. This exotic property has seven bedrooms along with various other basic spaces. Named Raj Mahal, it is located in Weybridge, Surrey. Being travel enthusiasts, Raj and Shilpa often make visits to this property ideal for a break or during holidays and vacations with their family.

20 carat natural white Diamond ring

Diamond, these shiny little stones have certainly a unique place in the hearts of ladies! While women have always been taught “Pati ke dil ka raasta, pet se hota hai”, for a woman it’s diamonds. This shiny little thing is just not a piece of stone but a girl’s best friend! As per some reports, Raj went on to gift his wife a 20-carat heart-shaped white diamond ring that is valued at around 3 crores on the occasion of their engagement! A dream come true for any bride, Raj even went on to have a Rs 50 lakh amount lehenga for his wife during their wedding. Now that’s something you call a Yash Chopra filmy kind of wedding!

Luxury cars

Last but not the least, while we have quoted about the briefs of various most expensive luxuries owned by the duo, they are even the owners of some luxury cars. Having an avid interest in cars, Shilpa has always engaged in getting herself a set of some of the most luxurious cars ever! This could be assured from the time when the actress went on to surprise the audiences by getting a ravishing blue-colored Lamborghini for herself which took the internet by storm. And the most surprising thing about this was despite this car not even being launched in India, they already had this blue beauty shining in their home. Apart from this, they are also the proud owners of a BMW Z4.